Reducing waste with rental dumpsters

There have been many advances in the waste management industry that has significantly improved the cleanliness of cities and their surrounding areas. One of these is the appearance and growth of dumpster rental companies. Nowadays it's possible for individuals to rent small to mid-size and even large dumpsters to get rid of the debris and waste in their yards, homes and other areas. Now it's possible to start work on a project and get a dumpster delivered just in time when you have finished so that you can load it up right away.

There's more than residential dumpster though. Commercial establishments also make heavy use of dumpsters. Restaurants, for example, have contracts with local dumpster rental companies for small to medium sized dumpsters that are delivered and picked up at steady intervals (weekly for example). Bars, malls, stores and other places also rent dumpsters to get rid of the accumulated waste and debris. If in the past you could rent a dumpster only for large construction and demolition projects, today you can rent all kinds of sizes for all kinds of projects. It depends on what you need it for and how much waste you need to dispose of.

When renting a dumpster you will get to speak to the dumpster rental company representatives. They should be able to advise you on what size is best for your project as well as fill you in on other details such as the price and other fees that may enter the final price. We recommend that you contact if you're situated in the Ann Arbor area.

It's important to know that dumpster sizes have a weight limit on them. There are two reasons for this. First of all, dumpster rental companies have specific contracts with local landfills which stipulate that they're allowed to dump only a certain amount of waste. Because of this, you won't be able to load a dumpster to the brim without having a penalty fee applied. The second reason why there's a weight limit is because of road safety regulations. Dumpster trucks aren't allowed to drive with a full container as it might endanger the lives of other drivers on the road. So make sure that you ask the dumpster company about these limits if they didn't specify them upfront. All companies have them and it's good to know how much waste you can load into a container without being charged extra.

Another recommendation is to rent a larger dumpster size if you're not sure that one size will fit all the debris you've got. You wouldn't like it if you rented a dumpster only to find out that you will need to rent another one or have this one delivered back and forth -- and thus pay double for something that could have easily been avoided.